Capturing Pokemon on Pokemon Go


Do you play the game "Pokemon Go"? Have you caught them all? Well, if not, I may have found a way for you to get one. Now, there is no guarantee that this will work for everyone because every phone has different strengths and weaknesses. For example, I was able to do it on my Samsung Galaxy S6 but only because I have a high CPU clock speed. Note that this app will not train your pokemon or evolve it. All you are doing is editing the code so the game thinks you caught it already so it gives you another one without having to spend any more pokeballs.

First, you need to download POGOProtos (for android, you must download the arm version if you have a 32-bit phone). Open POGOProtos and play through the beginning tutorial using your favorite team. After that is done click continue then create new game . Then start up pokemon go on your phone or emulator then connect to Wi-Fi before clicking continue.

What is Pokemon Go and how does it work?

Pokemon Go is a game where you can go outside and catch pokemon using augmented reality. Pokemon appear on the world map as if they were at that location in real life. You can then click on them to try and capture them with pokeballs. You have to throw the ball with precision by moving your finger over the ball then flicking upwards to get the perfect shot. If you hit them on the head it will do more damage, but if they are too low then you may miss.

How to get free pokeballs in pokemon go 2021

To get free pokeballs in pokemon go click here. Now it does cost money for this app but the developer deserves all the credit in the world for making this amazing app. Some people may ask why you would bother using an emulator when you could play it on your actual phone, but there are many reasons why someone might want to not play on their phone. For example, my phone is only 16GB so I have to constantly delete apps just so I can take more pictures or download music. Also, playing on an emulator does not drain your battery.

How the hack works step by step

First, start up pokemon go. Then open POGOProtos and play through the tutorial and then create a new game. Click continue and connect to WiFi just like you would if you were catching pokemon in real life.

Next, click on continue and catch a pokemon. Now, look at the bottom of POGOProtos and click emulate . This will inject it's code into Pokemon Go so that when you hit a pokemon, it will check POGOProtos to see if you have already caught that specific type of pokemon. If so, the game will give you another pokeball and add it to your inventory.

After you click emulate , look at your phone and click on the wild pokemon that appeared. It should say 0 balls next to it. This means you have not thrown any yet. Now, look at POGOProtos and see what type of pokemon you caught (red is fire, blue is water etc).

How to catch a Pokemon on Pokemon Go using POGOProtos

Now that we have finished the tutorial and you have caught a pokemon, we need to change what type of pokemon it is. Click on the "Pokemon" tab and then click pokemons . This will show all the types of pokemon in this specific order. Scroll down until you find your catch (in my case Bulbasaur


If you do not have a high powered phone, then I would recommend just playing the game on your phone. If you are looking for something to show off to your friends, then download POGOProtos and follow my directions.